First let me say that if you work with us you will get a good deal on a great site at a competitive price.  We guarantee that you will be satisfied every step of the way.  If you are looking for a steal or magic then you are in the wrong place. If you are looking for old fashioned service based on the ethical concept of win/win, then you will be happy every step of the way.

We try to give our clients options on how to pay for their site based on their financial circumstances.  We understand that businesses and organizations are at different points of the growth curve.

For startups and those with tight budgets – Low initial fees but contract terms – like a cell phone plan

For established clients with less tight budgets and who want a discount for paying up front.

A middle of the road approach – Pay as you go.

Some of the things that are involved in building a web site?

Design Work: 

  • Build a site with pages and content blocks
  • Some or all of the pages can appear on the main menu, some or all can be available from other links on the site.
  • Any number of the pages can be “blog” type pages that you can add content to at will.
  • Content Blocks can appear on some of all pages

Domain Work

  • After you are satisfied with the site I will attach it to your domain name and/or get you one if you need one. 


  • Registering site with up to 5 major search engines and developing requested meta tags and keywords.  You will need to provide keywords if there are any in addition to the obvious.

Monthly Services
After the site is up and running there will be a monthly charge which will cover:

  • Web Hosting
  • Unlimited Support calls and emails
  • Regular periodic site backups
  • SEO Tweaking and monitoring as needed
  • Site Maintenance as needed
  • Software updates and patches as needed
  • Site Modifications – Occasional minor site changes such as renaming pages, adding or updating Social Media Links, minor color changes, etc. are included.  Major changes requiring more than an hour will be additional. 
  • Maintaining site security and 
  • Controlling user access

Graphics work: 

  • If you wish for us to do things such as:  designing a logo and obtaining or modifying pictures that you want used on the site.  However you can avoid these charges by providing pictures or graphics in digital form.