SEO – Search Engine Optimization

I just read a great article about SEO that I wanted to share. 

My take on SEO is that you absolutely can get great search engine ranking without resorting to trickery.  If you create a web site that does a good job of communicating who you are and what you do and where you do it and don’t mess things up results will follow. 

Since I don’t expect to be involved with other kinds of web sites all I have to do is not screw things up.  That means I need to follow the rules that Matt and others have laid out.

“The key thing to understand is that the rules of SEO aren’t magic or arbitrary. They’re based on the goals of a search engine, which is to find relevant results. Relevance implies genuineness, and genuineness implies trust. So, shockingly, you should try to make your site’s content trustworthy, genuine and relevant. All of the rules have come about due to their utility in detecting those three positive metrics.”

So, if you wondered why I needed to know so much about your business or organization, now you know.